18 Incredible and True Stories of Children Raised by Animals

Published on January 25, 2017
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The Jungle Book movie may be a lot of fun to watch, but stuff like that can’t happen for real — can it? Is it really possible for children to be raised by animals in the wild? Stories of children being raised by wild animals have been enduring enough that we wanted to do some research. What we found will astound you. Listed below are 18 true stories of children raised by feral animals!

Marina Chapman – Raised by Monkeys

A glance at Marina Chapman, an author who lives in England, would render you no great insight as to her past. Further investigation would reveal that Chapman was actually raised by capuchin monkeys who helped nurse her to health. Marina had been kidnapped as a child before being abandoned in the Colombian Jungle. A wild group of Capuchin Monkeys found her and the rest Jungle Book inspired history. Marina was taught to hunt, survive, and take care of herself for five years. Chapman was ‘rescued’ by slavers before being sold to a brothel owned by the Mafia. Chapman would eventually escape, learn language and verify her story. Wow.

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Marina Chapman Raised By Monkeys

Marina Chapman Raised By Monkeys

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