‘Duck Dynasty’ Facts Fans Should Know About

Published on October 15, 2017
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Known for their incredibly long beards and their Christian views, the Robertson family reality series Duck Dynasty took the world by storm. For 11 seasons, Americans religiously watched the Robertson family antics and their family-operated business of Duck Commander – a Louisiana business which creates products for none other than duck hunters. Over the years, they’ve basically become a part of our own dysfunction family, however there are a few facts that most of us don’t know about the Robertson clan. So without further ado, we’ve compiled some pretty snazzy facts all fans should about the beloved show, y’all get ready now.

Mustache You A Question

We weren’t joking that the Robertson’s are known for their beards – it’s practically synonymous with the name! Nonetheless, they aren’t merely a choice. In fact, they were under contractual obligation to sport a beard for the show. Hey, when it works, it works.

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Mustache You A Question

Mustache You A Question

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