World Powers: 15 of the Strongest Militaries on the Planet

Published on December 15, 2016
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The world may be divided by lines and boundaries but it is protected by the militaries within each of those countries. While we may not want want to talk to a wrongful death lawyer or personal injury attorney about violence, it is important that a country has an army capable of dealing out some damage. Today we will look at the 15 most powerful militaries on the planet right now. Keep on reading, a few names may surprise you!


Once one of the most prominent militaries on the planet, Germany has fallen back on our list. Germany has an active budget for their military that sits around $40 billion. The Germany army is comprised of 180,000 active soldiers and among them are divided 400 tanks, 600+ aircrafts, and 4 submarines. A big check on the German military is their lack of aircraft carriers.

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