The Best Movies Coming In 2022

Published on 11/16/2021

It would be fair to say that cinema has been somewhat lackluster this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Highly anticipated movies were delayed, productions were postponed; we have really had to wait for some good cinematography. The fact that so many films released this year have been below-par has enabled films which we really expected more of, essentially off the hook. Lets Take James Bond: ‘No Time To Die’ for example. The movie wasn’t exactly bad, but we’ve seen Daniel Craig master that role before with stellar performances in Casino Royale and Skyfall. No Time To Die wasn’t quite up to the level of those previous editions, but compared to other movies we’ve had to endure this year, it didn’t seem all that bad. So what movies can we actually start to get excited about in 2022? Take a look below and discover for yourself.

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Shutterstock 693103318

The Batman

This is one we’ve certainly been waiting a long time for. It was announced that Twilight-star Robert Pattinson would become the latest Batman back in May 2019. This has left us eagerly anticipating the release of this film to see just how well Pattinson fares in the role. With a planned release date of March 4, 2022, we have certainly been waiting a while. It isn’t yet clear how well Pattinson will do in making the jump from teen-vampire to dark-savior of Gotham City, but initial reports have been promising. When asked why Pattinson was chosen to play the role, Matt Reeves (director) said how Pattinson is “such a gifted actor”. “He also happens to be a tremendous, passionate fan of Batman, the way I am, so it was an incredible thing to be able to connect with him, and share excitement about the character”. Well one thing is for certain- he has a great task on his hands, and will certainly be under the spotlight. Past Batmans (Affleck, Bale) excelled in the role, he will have to be at the top of his game to compete for the acceptance of Batman fans!


We question this one for a few reasons. Well the original Scream has gone down as one of the most notorious horror movies of all time. The movie still boasts a rating of 7.3 on IMDB- an extremely high score for a horror. So what are our concerns? Well it just feels like this could be another time where directors and producers use an already established franchise that doesn’t need another installment, purely to entice viewers to see an average film. Take Scream 4 for example. The movie came out in 2011 and received a very average reception. That particular film was to commemorate the latest ten year progression of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). The latest one is a commemoration of 25 years since the original attacks. This feels like it could be an indefinite trend of essentially the same story line. We wonder if they can add a new twist onto the story or will it simply be Sidney Prescott trying to unmask the latest ‘Ghostface’. Saying that, it’s always difficult to ignore when our favorites are back on screen. The movie has confirmed the return of fan-favorites Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell in their original roles and despite our concerns, we are sure every Scream fan will be rushing to the cinema for this one. Lets just hope that Matthew Lillard makes another cameo, at least.

Avatar 2

Now, THIS is the movie everyone has been waiting what seems like an eternity for. The original Avatar was released in 2009 and blew fans away with its screenwriting, acting and special effects. On a budget of $237 Million, the film made $2.847 Billion at the box office. These numbers are absurd and are actually completely deserved. It broke fans hearts when they were told how long they would have to wait for the next installment in the franchise, but luckily enough that time is finally coming! Slowly, that is. It is anticipated that the film will be released December 16th 2022, a date we will eagerly be spending the next 13 months awaiting. We are sure with James Cameron back at the helm, the movie will be nothing short of incredible. The movie will see Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana reprise their original roles, while Kate Winslet will also star in this edition. We cannot wait for this one, we just know it will be a success.