4 Tips For The Perfect First Impression

Published on 09/11/2022

A good first impression is extremely important. But how do you ensure that the first impression is remembered positively by the other party? The good news is, it’s not that difficult once you know what to look out for. If you follow the five tips below, you can easily make a good first impression in the future.

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4 Tips For The Perfect First Impression

The Attitude Counts

This tip for a good first impression is often given: put yourself in a positive mood! But instead of muttering something vague like, “I’m good, I can do this, I’ll be successful,” change your mindset with a special experience in the past. To do this, recall an experience in which you were successful and completely satisfied with yourself. This can be a successfully completed sport event or an experience from professional life, e.g. B. when you got a raise or successfully delivered a presentation. Recall the feeling of success from back then as vividly as possible. If you succeed, you immediately have a positive and self-confident charisma that your conversation partner will not miss.

Watch Your Posture

As soon as you succeed in point 1, you will find that your inner attitude also changes your posture. You will automatically stand taller and exude more confidence. In addition, make sure that your shoulders are parallel to those of your interviewer. In this way you give the impression that you are interested in the conversation and your counterpart. Both are essential for the first impression. Also avoid using one leg as a standing leg and moving the other back and forth uneasily. Instead, stand up straight, weight both legs equally, pull your shoulder blades back, and let your arms hang loosely. This attitude makes them appear confident and gives you a good, secure feeling. In addition to all this, the distance to the person you are talking to is also important: if you stand too far away, you will appear insecure and shy. If you get too close to the other person, you will quickly come across as pushy and unpleasant. Choose a distance where you could shake hands with your arm almost straight.

The Clothing Does It Too

How you dress is crucial to your first impression. Therefore, when choosing clothes, pay attention to the three A’s: appropriate, radiating authority, authentic. Appropriateness is probably the most important point. Think about how your counterpart will be dressed and what appearance he would expect from you when speaking to a customer. Follow these to make a good first impression. If you pay attention to this, in most cases they automatically exude authority, because the majority usually trusts someone in a pants suit more than a woman in a hoodie and flip-flops. However, be careful not to disguise yourself. This point is meant by the third A. You have to feel comfortable in your outfit and it has to suit you. Would you like an example? If you don’t usually wear high heels, you should avoid stumbling awkwardly into conversation on them. Flat shoes that fit you are a better choice then.

The Focus Is On The Eyes

If you want to make a good first impression, remember that the eyes should be the focus of the action. Those who seek eye contact build a bond with the other person more quickly and are more likely to trust them. This is an effect you should bet on. But how can you ensure that the person you are talking to maintains eye contact and thus remains focused on the essentials? Take the following quiz: dress as you are going to the interview. Then stand in front of a mirror that shows you completely. Close your eyes for five seconds. Open them again. Your first glance should now fall on your own eyes. If not, something you are carrying is too much of a distraction.