This Is How You Can Learn To Live In The Moment

Published on 07/03/2022

Gratitude, clarity and inner stratification: With positive thoughts, you can change your life. These 7 ideas will help you enjoy your life more.

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This Is How You Can Learn To Live In The Moment

Change One Habit

It’s the little things that have a big impact in the long run. What bad habit is keeping you from finally being happy? Ask yourself what is the one thing you should stop or start doing to change your life day by day. Have you been wanting to stop smoking for a long time, move more or nag less? Now is the best time for it! And remember, it’s about the process, not perfection. According to psychologists, it can take a month to establish a new habit in the subconscious.

Take Time For Yourself

Are you a people pleaser? It is often easier for us women to be there for others than for ourselves. The nurturing, nurturing, motherly nature is in our genes. But we can only be there for others if we are doing well ourselves. Plan time-outs for yourself in everyday life, small self-care oases with things that you only do for yourself – without a guilty conscience.

Treat Yourself To Relaxation!

You don’t have to be stressed or busy to be important. And a balanced life includes relaxation as well as tension. Allow yourself to calm yourself with these quick relaxation tips.

Read Less News

The flood of information in today’s world is enormous. As soon as you turn on your cell phone in the morning, messages are pouring down on you, most of which are processed unfiltered by the brain. Being informed is important, but create conscious moments to read the news. This is how you protect yourself and your mental health from being constantly confronted with negative headlines.

Explore New Places

Do you take the same route to work every day? If we keep doing the same thing, the neural pathways for our behavior get bigger. You can imagine these links like freeways in your head. In order to think new thoughts, you have to go new ways that you haven’t gone before. How about a detour to work? Become a tourist in your own city and explore the area with open eyes. Who knows what treasures you may discover in your area.

Practice Gratitude

What you put outcomes back to you. This is what the psychological concept of self-fulfilling prophecy says. So whether you get up on the wrong foot or start the day with a sun salutation is your decision. What can you be thankful for today?

Be Social!

For many introverts, the Corona regulations were a relief because leisure time stress was gone. But whether introverted or not, we are all social creatures and crave connection and a sense of belonging. Even if we are digitally networked, nothing can replace proximity and personal contact. Which people enrich your life? Pick up the phone and let them know how important they are to you.