7 Foods That Are Good For The Intestinal Flora

Published on 03/24/2022

A healthy lifestyle and diet can make a significant contribution to maintaining the sensitive balance of the intestinal flora, since the valuable microorganisms live on what we eat every day. However, many foods such as dairy products, pickled vegetables or bread are now low in pro- and prebiotics because they have been ultra-high temperature treated, pasteurized or heavily processed. As a result, there is no replenishment for the intestinal flora. Here we would like to give you tips on how our diet can support the intestinal flora and keep it healthy.

Dark Chocolate

7 Foods That Are Good For The Intestinal Flora

Whole Grain Products

Whole grain products still contain the germ, husk and endosperm of the grain. A dark color of the food, whole grains or nuts are no guarantee for whole grain products – only the name counts! Bread, pasta and the like must say “whole grain”, “whole grain”, “whole oats” or “whole wheat”. It doesn’t matter whether you use finely ground flour or coarse grist.


Potatoes contain starch. When potatoes are cooked and cooled, the starch structure changes and becomes resistant starch. This cannot be broken down by the digestive tract and is therefore one of the dietary fibers that have positive effects on the intestinal flora. In addition, the carbohydrate content of cooled potatoes is reduced.

Dark Chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is good for nerves and muscles. It is known to have a high magnesium content. So it is good for nerves and muscles, helps with stress and tastes great on top of that. Even iron and zinc are present in cocoa. But the digestion also benefits from the sweets, because in moderation they have an anti-inflammatory effect and boost the metabolism.

Animal Fats

Saturated fatty acids: Animal fats with a lot of saturated acids have a negative impact on the diversity of our intestinal flora because they contribute to the proliferation of bad bacteria. Red meat, smoked and cured meats, but also fatty cheeses, butter or lard should only be eaten in moderation. The situation is different with omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish. These can even have a positive effect on the intestinal flora.#

Cabbage For Detoxification Of The Intestines

Although many types of cabbage are not always popular, they have a very positive effect on the intestinal flora. They reduce bad or toxin-producing gut bacteria. It doesn’t matter which type of cabbage is eaten – from broccoli or sauerkraut to Brussels sprouts and pak choi. Red cabbage made from red cabbage is often found on the plate in Franconia.

Juices Stabilize Your Intestines

Juices are already known to play into the hands of the intestine: cranberry juice, pomegranate juice or grape juice can be used to stabilize and improve the intestinal wall. But beware: They contain a lot of sugar – so enjoy them in moderation.

Black Coffee

With coffee you train the muscles of your small and large intestine. As a result, food pulp is transported faster. As a result, you experience less gas and constipation. And best of all: the bitter substances in the drink reduce cravings for sweets.