This Is Why You Should Start Eating Gluten-Free

Published on 01/02/2023

Today, it’s time for us to give you the best reasons why YOU should try a gluten-free diet in the future. Let’s go!


This Is Why You Should Start Eating Gluten-Free

Gluten Intolerance And Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a chronic condition resulting from a lifelong intolerance to gluten. People suffering from this disease do not have a choice, they have to give up certain grains. Products that may contain gluten are also taboo. Many processed foods fall into this category, and even meat, fish, and vegetables can be affected. Eating in a restaurant or with friends is not a matter of course. This also applies to people who have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, but only with gluten intolerance.

What Is gluten And Where Is It Found?

Gluten is a storage protein found in grains such as wheat, spelled, einkorn, emmer, rye and barley. It is also called gluten protein and provides airiness and cohesion in bread, for example. In some cases, medicines take advantage of these binding and adhesive properties and use gluten as a binding agent. Even if present in small amounts, it could pose a risk to celiacs.

Empty Calories – No Thanks!

Gluten is mainly found in grain products and – due to the particularly good processing properties – in heavily processed foods. Unfortunately, these products very often contain a lot of calories and fewer health-promoting micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. What’s in it for us? Empty Calories.

Sugar Bombs – Not In Our Kitchen

Gluten-containing foods also, in most cases, contain more sugar than their low-processed counterparts. Biscuits, cakes, baked goods or ready-made soups or sauces – they are all usually real sugar bombs that you should better do without.

The high degree of processing

Most products containing gluten have been processed in some way. At Food punk, however, it is important to us to show you how you can prepare delicious dishes yourself using simple and healthy ingredients. So that the finished products can stay in the supermarket and the food ends up on the plate in its most natural way.

Blood Sugar Spikes – Not desired

Cereals and foods made from them usually cause our blood sugar to skyrocket, so that it then crashes back down into the basement. The result? Cravings first, then something to eat again, then cravings again… At the end of the day, our blood sugar was rattling and we ate too much.

Intolerance – It’s usually better without it

Many people cannot tolerate gluten without knowing it. Digestive problems, headaches, tiredness or migraines are accepted without knowing the reason for them. Maybe a healthy way of eating gluten-free – the way Foodpunk lives it – is the key to success in fighting these problems? Try it out today!