The 10 Best Summer Cake Recipes

Published on 07/10/2022

We’ve got ten cakes for your summer celebration that are sure to impress your guests. With these genuinely creative bakes, celebrate seasonal fruit, gorgeous sponges, and unconventional decorations. There is a summer cake to satisfy every need, whether you’re yearning our white chocolate and strawberry angel cake or a slice of a berry-studded loaf.

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Chocolate Cake (2)

Chocolate Cake (2)

Fresh Strawberry Cake

This gorgeous cake will serve as the introduction. This cake is a real beauty and is loaded with fresh strawberries. The flavor of the strawberries really stands out with just a basic cake base. Also, it’s pretty simple. Who wants to work in the kitchen for hours in the blazing heat, after all? This cake is delicious served warm or at room temperature, with whipped cream on top or by itself.

Lemon Raspberry Cake

Fresh raspberries are placed on top of a gorgeous cream cheese icing that is stacked between layers of moist, fluffy lemon cake. What amazing summer flavors! The cake resembles an angel food cake since it is so light and airy. Lemon, cream cheese, and raspberries make a delicious combo. What’s best? Although you didn’t put much effort into it, it tastes like you did.

Tropical Summer Cake

You will adore this cake if you adore coconut and pineapple. This cake is a true tropical treat because it has layers of angel food cake, marshmallows, pineapple, almonds, whipped topping, and shredded coconut. It doesn’t matter if you make the cake from scratch or from a cake mix. The cake will still be delicious due to the other ingredients.

Summer Fruit Sangria Cake

Literally, the cake is sangria. It includes every component you could ask for in a cake and sangria. To give the sponge cakes their distinctive flavor, sangria is soaked in them. Sangria has even been added to the fruit filling! The frosting is so delicious that I can’t even begin to describe it. I can eat it with a spoon; it’s made with heavy cream, mascarpone, white chocolate, and raspberries.

Italian Summer Country Cake

When baked in a tube or bundt pan, it looks stunning. But you’ll adore the flavor and texture even more. It is wet while yet being dense. You can truly appreciate the tastes of the fruits because the cake itself isn’t overly sugary. The ideal teatime treat, I tell you!

Fresh Berry Cream Cake

Although they can initially seem intimidating, layer cakes are actually rather simple. They are also worth the effort. It is the definition of a summer cake, made with light and fluffy layer cakes, cool cream icing, and vibrant berries in between. It takes little work to put together, but it looks beautiful. You won’t need to be an expert cake decorator to pull it off, I promise.

No-Bake Summer Berry Ice Box Cake

Cakes in an icebox are always a treat. They’re not only indisputably delicious, but also simple to create. They don’t require baking, but they taste like real cakes. All of it is due to graham crackers. It transforms into a tender, delectable specimen that resembles cake after soaking in cream or milk for a while. Layers of graham crackers, cream cheese pudding mix, and fresh berries make up this icebox dessert. It’s undoubtedly a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Why not enjoy a slice rather than a glass of chilled strawberry lemonade? Everything you enjoy in a delectable refresher is there in this delicacy, but in cake form. This cake will delight your taste buds unlike any other because it is attractive in pink and loaded with flavor. Strawberries and lemon together are quite refreshing. It’s excellent in every single way and tangy and lemony.

Portuguese Summer Cake

This colorful and delectable Portuguese summer cake is known as bolo de verao. Look at how beautiful it is! Those fruit and berry slices are very gorgeous. Greek yogurt and pineapple pieces are piled within the cake, which is obscenely soft and delicious, and it is topped with fluffy whipped topping.

Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Cake

It’s a positive sign when buttermilk appears in a cake recipe. That implies that the cake will be obscenely moist and velvety. This lemon blueberry buttermilk cake serves as a prime example. You’ll adore the taste in addition to the wonderful texture. Lemon flavoring makes the cake flavorful on its own. The frosting elevates it by using cream cheese, cream, sugar, and fresh blueberries in its preparation.